Sunday, 11 September 2016

For over a year  know  I have  been  searching  a spot known  only as the  3pence spot.
This is the good stuff from the 3pence spot.
Everything found with a Minelab ctx3030 from detect nz, except for the 9ct gold bracelet and one of the 3d which I got with my euro ace.
Not sure if the bamboo medallion in centre is silver.
Not shown 1 billion pull tabs.
I have  been  searching the grounds of a 100year old cottage  in  what  was once a reasonable affluent central north island  town.
so far there  has been little  success.
The grounds are full of rusty nails coal ash and lead heads.
I prised  up a few boards on the front  porch  but sadly  all I found  after  searching  with my pinpointed was these five butter knives.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

2 more silver


2 more  silvers from  the  3p spot. The wet soil is making  those deep silvers easier to  hear.
These came from  about  8inches down 

Tuesday, 12 April 2016


Some of you  may know  me as Westiedigger from the  Paydirt nz forum and the  prospecting Australia  forum.
I live  in  the  North  Island  of  Aotearoa New Zealand.
my detector  of choice  is a Minelab ctx 3030.
I will  be  putting  together  pictures  of  my best finds and new finds as they  happen.
here is a two 50% silver  New Zealand coins I got last  Friday  at the The 3d Spot- a spot that has consistently  been  giving  up silver  thrupence  coins for months  now.